Answering your questions on safety and security

The safety of our users is important to us.

Quite often, when using the TaskUs APP, people hire the Taskers for work the need done in their home. We want the process of listing and completing Tasks to be as safe as possible to both the client and the Tasker. Therefore we have several security related features and processes in our APP.


1. The verification process of Taskers

All users who wish to offer their services through the TaskUs APP must go through the verification system, through which we identify and verify users through their photo ID-s. This will give TaskUs an overview of everyone who works through our system and helps us resolve any misunderstandings quickly and effectively.


2. Secure payment system

When paying your Tasker you can use the deposit system or the cash payment option. When using the secure deposit system, the amount of the payment will move from the clients bank account to the TaskUs system. It will only be released to the Taskers bank account once both the Tasker and the client have confirmed that the Task is done.

When using the cash payment option all the details of the payment will be saved to the TaskUs system. This way we can observe all payments and ensure that payments are being carried out on time and in the correct amounts.


3. Personal data

In accordance with the general Terms & Conditions of the TaskUs APP and also considering the general safety of our users, TaskUs does not allow to disclose personal data such as phone numbers, email addresses or webpages.

Only when the client and the Tasker have confirmed their agreement on the task can they see each other’s personal information.

The details of the task can also be settled using the public and private chat options.

We collect and store personal data safely and in accordance with the general data collection policy. This is guaranteed by our data protection specialist Rita Ratušnaja.


4. Ratings and comments are public

When going through the process of completing a Task, all clients and taskers have the option to rate the other party on a scale of 1-5. In addition to that, they can also leave a comment. All comments and ratings are public. This is to ensure that other clients and Taskers can see how safe and reliable the client or the Tasker is.



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