Types of services available to book through TaskUs

You can find help with almost any and every Task you need done through the TaskUs app. If there is something you done but don’t possess the skills to do it or just lack in time – no need to worry! TaskUs Taskers will come to the rescue.

What types of services can be ordered through TaskUs?


Babysitting service

Many qualified and trustworthy babysitters have joined the ranks on TaskUs Taskers, as well as a multitude of people have found their perfect babysitter for their little munchkin. Try it out for yourself! Post a babysitting Task and find your perfect candidate for the job.


Electrical works

Get those wall outlets in order, untangle the all the wires and replace ceiling and wall lights with ease. Electrical work-related Tasks are one of the more popular Tasks booked through TaskUs.


Cleaning service

Get your windows squeaky clean, dust off the floors and stains off the couch with the help of TaskUs Taskers. A lot of people as well as cleaning companies have joined TaskUs and offer quality cleaning services. With the help of TaskUs, you can get almost everything clean – your car, house, apartment, yards – you name it!


Plumbing works

All your minor and major plumbing works can now be completed quickly and easily with the help of professional TaskUs Taskers. For instance, many people have found help with fixing showers, faucets, bathtubs and leaky pipes.


Pet care and dog walking

We will let you in on a little secret – lots of awesome dog walkers have joined the ranks of TaskUs Taskers! Their only wish is to take care of your four-legged furry friend and earn extra money by doing it. At TaskUs, many people have found quality help with dog walking services, dog training services, doggy day care and pet care while travelling services.


Painting service

Are the walls in your home in desperate need of refreshment in the form of a new coat of paint? Look no further – TaskUs has lots of qualified and experienced painters, who can work wonders with a paintbrush!


General construction and repair works

Walls, floors, ceilings, bathroom tiles and many more areas in your home can be repaired and fixed up in no time with the help of TaskUs Taskers!


Repairs and installation of home appliances

Dishwasher broke or need to install a new oven? Find qualified help at TaskUs quickly and easily.


Furniture assembly

Many happy customers have ordered the assembly of kitchen furniture as well as IKEA furniture through TaskUs!



We didn’t think this would happen but booking a massage through TaskUs has proven to be quite the popular thing to do! There are many massage therapists at TaskUs who also do home visits.



Why not book a catering service through TaskUs? We will find you the best caterers in town. By the way, there have been many Tasks posted at TaskUs looking for waitresses and customer service representatives as well.


Bookkeeping, translating and copywriting service

Many professional accountants, translators and copywriters await at TaskUs! Just post what you need done and they will help you out!


Moving service

You can find many skillful and efficient movers at TaskUs. Get your furniture and belongings quickly from your old home to the new. There are many van drivers who have signed up as Taskers as well.


All your bigger and smaller pesky Tasks get done with TaskUs!

NB! Signing up and posting a Task at TaskUs is free of charge. The Taskers will make their offers to you – all you have to do is pick out the one that suits you best. No need to worry, if you don’t get any suitable offers. You are not obligated to finish pick an offer.

Post your to-do list today! Who knows, you might get an offer that’s just too good to refuse!