The weirdest/funniest Tasks

There are many similar platforms as TaskUs in the US, Australia and Sweden and a lot of different tasks have been done on these platforms. Some of the tasks have been funny and some outright weird. Here’s a list of the best ones we’ve compiled just for you:

📌 Peel my potatoes
📌 Bathe my parrot (by the way, the Tasker was paid 105 dollars for this particular task)
📌 Pretend to be a postman to help with dog training
📌 Return stuff to an ex after a breakup
📌 Security guard for a friend (for a prank)
📌 Organize a Game of Thrones-style date for two
📌 Makeup model for a drag queen makeup workshop
📌 Untangle my headphones
📌 Human alarm clock

All of these Tasks have been booked and completed through platforms similar to TaskUs in the US, Australia and Sweden.
So let your imagination run wild – no Task is too complicated to get done!
Do you have an even weirder/funnier Task you would like to get done?