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How it works

TaskUs connects Clients and Taskers. As a Client, you can now sit back and relax! TaskUs Taskers will help you with any Task you need done.

As a Tasker, you can put your skills and talents to good use and earn extra money! You will choose, which Tasks you want to make an offer on.

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Post a task

  • Sign up for free and create a profile.
  • Post a task that needs to be done. Make sure to include all the details so that the Taskers can make you an offer.
  • Add photos to the posted task. This will help the Taskers to understand what needs to be done.
  • Choose a Tasker

  • The Taskers will make offers on your task and ask additional questions in the public chat section, when needed.
  • Compare offers and select the best Tasker for the job. You can now confirm the last details in private chat.
  • Make sure that all the details are clear and confirm the task to the Tasker. The amount of payment you have agreed on is final.
  • Pay easily

  • The payment process is easy! You can choose whether you want to pay through the secure TaskUs system or with cash.
  • When choosing the secure TaskUs system as your payment method you will be asked to deposit the payment for the task. Don't worry, we will only release the deposit to the Tasker once you confirm that the task has been done!
  • Your task will get done!

  • When the Tasker has completed the task and you are happy with the results then you can confirm the completion of the task. Now, the deposit will be released to the Tasker. If you selected cash as your payment method, it's time to pay your Tasker.
  • If you are satisfied, please don't forget to rate your experience and leave a comment. This will help you build trust with other Taskers in future!
  • Become a Tasker!

    Now that you have experinced the TaskUs platform as a client, go and become a Tasker yourself! It's a great way to increase your income.

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    Create your profile

    Start by creating a great profile. Describe your skills in detail, so that potential Clients can have an overview of your work.


    Adding pictures of examples of your work and completed tasks to your profile is highly recommended. This will help a potential Client see, that you are the best Tasker for them.

    Find a task

    Finding a task is easy! Just browse the listed offers that match your skills and choose the ones that suit you best.


    All tasks are divided into different categories. This makes it easier for you to find offers for your particular skill set and connect with people who need your help.

    Make an offer

    Found the perfect task for you? Make an offer to the Client! When placing an offer for the task you can decide on the amount you would like to be paid for completing the job, as well as other details.


    Have more questions for the Client? You can use the public chat room to confirm all details such as time, place and payment.

    Specify the details

    Congratulations! The Client has chosen you to do the job! Now it’s time to confirm all details such as the time, the place and the price. Make sure that both you and the Client understand the the specifics of the task.


    When the Client has chosen you to complete the task, use the private chat to confirm the last details.

    Complete the task and get paid

    Now it's your time to shine and complete the task. When you and the Client have confirmed the completion the TaskUs secure system will release the payment to your bank account.


    Had a great experience with your Client? Don't forget to rate the Client and leave a review. This will help the other Tasker see how trustworthy the Client is.

    Have a task that needs to be done?

    There is always something we need help with. Why not search for a solution via the TaskUs system? There are hundreds of Taskers with all kinds of skills who can help you. Want to know how posting a task works?

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    Download the
    TaskUs app now!

    Post Tasks, chat with Taskers and make secure payments. Get things done quickly and easily.

    Download the TaskUs app now!

    Post Tasks, chat with Taskers and make secure payments. Get things done quickly and easily.

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