Terms & Conditions

Upon using services, TASKUS OÜ General Terms and Conditions enter into force.



These general terms of use govern the services provided on its platform by TaskUs OÜ, registry code 14624572, address Joa tn 2 / 1-1, 10127 Tallinn, Estonia (hereinafter: TaskUs).

The mediation environment for the services provided and the TaskUs application are hereinafter referred to as the Platform.

The Platform is provided “as is” without any express or implied warranties, including warranties of marketability, suitability for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

Before using the Platform, you must agree that you have read and understood the TaskUs Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy is available at www.taskus.ee

Use of the Platform is deemed to constitute acceptance of all of these Terms of Use and confirmation that you are at least 16 years of age and/or a legal representative of the Company and that you have the right to enter into the Agreement on behalf of the Company. You acknowledge that, if you are under the age of 18, you have the written consent of your legal representative, which you will promptly submit at the request of TaskUs. Written consent is replaced by filling out the Parental Consent field in the TaskUs application.

If you do not agree to our Terms of Use, you are not authorized to use the Platform.

The Terms of Use may be changed at any time and shall become effective upon publication on the Platform. If the Terms of Use change, you will be notified thereof via the Platform. Your use of the platform after the publication of the changes means that you accept the changes made.


2. Definitions


  • “Platform” means a mediation environment and application used to mediate orders to individuals and/or companies wishing to provide and/or receive services.
  • Service Providers/Performers – companies and/or individuals wishing to provide services through the TaskUs platform.
  • Service Recipients – companies and/or individuals seeking to find suitable service providers through the TaskUs platform.
  • Users – Anyone using the TaskUs platform.
  • Order – services requested by service recipients.
  • Platform environment – profiles, email systems, blogs, message boards, applications, job advertisements, chat rooms, newsgroups, forums, communities and/or other messaging or communication capabilities that allow users to interact with other users.
  • User Accounts – To use the TaskUs platform, all users must create a personalized account through which orders can be placed or received.
  • Consumer – a service recipient (natural person) using the TaskUs platform who enters into a transaction that is not related to the exercise of an independent economic or professional activity.


3. Account types

By registering as a user on TaskUs Platform, a default user account is created for the user. The user can also create a service provider account with the same username and password.


4. Publication of a user account on the TaskUs platform


The account of the service provider will be published on the TaskUs platform since the account was created. The accounts of the service providers are public and accessible to all users of the TaskUs platform.

The service recipient’s account is visible to other users of the platform only with the active order placed by the service recipient. If the service recipient does not have an active order on the TaskUs platform, his/her user account will not be displayed on the platform to other users.

The user of the service provider account can configure his/her account so that the account is permanently visible to other users of the platform (there is no logout from the platform).


5. Identifying users


TaskUs may verify the accuracy of the information in the user account and make queries in public records to verify the user’s ability and suitability to place or receive orders in TaskUs.


6.  Account, password, security and newsletters


6.1 Only a person who has registered a user account can use a natural person user account. A legal entity user account may be used by agents of that legal entity.

6.2 Users must ensure the confidentiality of the password and account number that they are provided to access their platform.

6.3 Users are solely responsible for all actions they take with their password and account, TaskUs bears no responsibility whatsoever for this.

6.4 If a user suspects that an unauthorized person may be using his or her password or account, or suspects other security violations, he or she must immediately notify TaskUs of becoming aware of the unauthorized use. The user communicates the notification to TaskUs through the notification system provided on the platform.

6.5 TaskUs may provide users with newsletters and offers regarding the use of the TaskUs platform, the introduction of new services and terms, or other technical changes. Users have the right to restrict receipt of newsletters. This information is available in our Privacy Policy.


7. User information

 7.1 User information is information and materials that are posted on the platform or made available to other users of the platform in connection with registration on the platform and use of the platform, including information posted or communicated for use on the platform environment.

Users are solely responsible for their own information, and TaskUs is merely a passive channel for sharing and publishing user information.

7.2 Users undertake not to provide TaskUs with false or misleading information regarding their identity or location, company, skills, or services rendered. Users are under an obligation to correct or remove incorrect or inaccurate information immediately. In the event of the provision of false or misleading information, users are responsible for any loss and expenses resulting that may result from publication of such information.

7.3 Users confirm to TaskUs that the information:

  • is not false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading;
  • is not a fraud;
  • does not infringe any third party copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights;
  • does not violate any laws, regulations or other legislation (including those governing export controls, consumer protection, unfair competition, non-discrimination, and misleading advertising); and
  • causes no liability to TaskUs nor deprives TaskUs (in whole or in part) of the services of its Internet Service Provider or other partners or suppliers.

7.4 Users hereby grant TaskUs a worldwide, indefinite, irrevocable, royalty-free, and sublicensable right to use all copyrights and other rights they hold in respect of their information in any media known or unknown at this time in order to provide and enhance the Platform.


8. Rating of users, cancellation, and suspension of accounts

8.1 TaskUs platform users have the opportunity to rate and give feedback on other users after the order is completed. TaskUs reserves the right to delete comments that are offensive, derogatory, or otherwise objectionable to the Platform or other users.

8.2 Ratings allow recipients to rank service providers when placing orders. For example, when choosing a service provider, the recipient may rank the potential service providers in the order of their ratings.

8.3 Feedback about a user can be accessed whenever the user has an active account.

8.4 The use of user accounts with lower ratings, and negative feedback may be restricted in TaskUs. This means that the platform may reduce the recognition of orders to the user or temporarily suspend the user rights until the user explains why the ratings are low and/or the feedback is negative.

8.5 TaskUs reserves the right to revoke or suspend the user’s rights to use the Platform at any time, for any reason, notifying the user thereof through the Platform or by email.

8.6 TaskUs may revoke the users’ rights to use the platform if:

  • the user violates these terms of use;
  • the user violates the principles published by TaskUs through the platform;
  • TaskUs suspects or is aware that the user has provided false information;
  • TaskUs finds that the user has acted inappropriately and/or abusively;
  • the actions of the user may have legal consequences for other users or for TaskUs;
  • orders or activities are against the principles of the TaskUs platform or the interests of users;
  • the activity of users refers to illegal activity;
  • users do not pay TaskUs commission and/or an agreed fee for order fulfillment or are actively trying to remove jobs from the system;
  • the user has received extremely low and low ratings from other users of the platform.
    • The rating is performed in a 5-point system:
    • 1 point – extremely low
    • 2 points – low
    • 3 points – average
    • 4 points – good
    • 5 points – very good.

8.7 Cancellation of the use of the platform shall take effect upon delivery of the notice. Notice shall be deemed delivered within 24 hours of its being sent.

8.8 If a user account is canceled or suspended, the user may not use the TaskUs platform from another account or register a new account without TaskUs written consent. Users will be allowed to re-use the account once the causes underlying the suspension have been removed, the deficiencies remedied, and the requirements met.

8.9 The user may cancel the use of the TaskUs platform at any time by deleting their account. After deleting the account, TaskUs will store the personal data of the user in accordance with the principles established by law. The retention of personal data in the privacy policy of the platform is further clarified.

8.10 If a user has decided to discontinue using the platform but has a pending order, then the user must:

  • terminate and/or pay for orders received;
  • make any payments due to users in TaskUs or to other users.

After closing or suspending an account, TaskUs has the right to take legal action, including initiating civil or criminal proceedings against the user, if it is discovered that the user’s actions have caused damage to TaskUs or other users.


9. Use of the TaskUs service, placing or cancellation of orders and prohibited orders


9.1 The user shall use the platform at his or her sole risk. In addition, regardless of the means that users can use to accelerate the choice of service, each recipient of the service is responsible for negotiating with their provider selection and platform conditions. TaskUs does not recommend any specific service provider.

9.2 The platform can be used to enter orders (information such as hours of work, location of work, nature of work, number of people needed, price, and other information relevant to completing an order).

9.3 Service providers in the TaskUs database that have requested information about the orders offered will receive notification of new orders according to user-defined settings via email and/or the platform. To receive notifications, users must enable notifications on their smart device from the TaskUs platform (in-app notification).

9.4 If the order is accepted by the service provider through the TaskUs platform, the contract is deemed to be concluded between the service provider and the recipient.

9.5 f the recipient submits a flash order with a deadline of fewer than 24 hours, the recipient must pay TaskUs a deposit within one (1) hour after the service provider has been found and confirmed.

9.6 If no offer has been made within seven (7) days of placing the order by the recipient of the service, an email will be sent to the user who placed the order. The email will provide the recipient with suggestions for modifying and/or completing their order.

9.7 If no offer has been made on the service recipient’s order within 14 (fourteen) days of entering the order, the order will be deactivated, and the order will not be displayed to the service providers. An order with no offers will be moved to the ” drafts ” folder in the recipient’s account.

9.8 If service providers have made offers to the order of the service recipient, but the recipient of the order has not accepted any offers, an e-mail will be sent to the service recipient asking them to select the appropriate service provider.

9.9 If the recipient of the service has not selected a service provider within 14 (fourteen) days of entering the order, the order will be deactivated, and the order will be moved to the ” drafts ” folder in the recipient’s account.

9.10 The recipient of the service can cancel the order he or she has entered. The canceled order is moved to the “drafts” folder on the platform.

9.11 TaskUs will send an e-mail to the recipient of the service, offering the opportunity to change the order execution time, if the recipient cancels the order entered by him or her for the execution of which the service provider has been chosen, more than 24 hours before the initial time agreed for the service.

9.12 If the service provider cancels the accepted order, an e-mail will be sent to the service recipient, offering the service user the opportunity to choose a new time for the provision of the service.

9.13 If the recipient of the service cancels an order that has been entered, for which the service provider has been selected, less than 24 hours before the performance of the ordered work, an email will be sent to the service provider about the cancellation. If the recipient of the service canceled the order due to his/her own reasons and did not notify thereof more than 24 hours in advance, 20% of the deposit paid will be withheld by TaskU. If the recipient of the service has not paid the deposit, the recipient will be sent an invoice for the 20% of the total cost of the order.

9.14 If the service provider cancels an accepted order less than 24 hours before the provision of the service, the service provider undertakes to pay 20% of the amount agreed in the order, based on the invoice sent by TaskUs.

9.15 Service providers can select a preferred order and express their willingness to participate by making an offer to the recipient.

9.16 Service providers who have expressed their willingness to provide services in the framework of the order are presented on the platform to the recipient of the service who can choose the service provider of their choice.

9.17 The recipients of the service have the opportunity to rank and sort all the relevant service providers on the platform. Users can rank and sort providers based on ratings, location, or other variables.

9.18 The recipient of the service and the service provider may agree, through the platform, additional terms, and conditions relevant to the fulfillment of the order, including the nature of the materials used, before placing an order. When publishing and accepting an order, users are guided only by the provisions in the order. For additional work, users must record the activity on the order page. Recording additional work requires entering a new order on the TaskUs platform, which must be approved by both parties.

9.19 The selected service provider will receive a notification or email on the platform regarding the fact that the service has been confirmed by the recipient, which may include additional information.

9.20 It is the responsibility of the service provider and the recipient to confirm the time, place, price, and conditions of the order. Upon confirmation by both parties, the recipient of the service will be directed to formalize the payment (if necessary, to pay a deposit). If the recipient of the service has not paid the deposit within 24 hours after the order is confirmed, the order will be canceled.

9.21 For each order, users are responsible for evaluating and determining the suitability of the order, recipient of the service, and the service provider. If the recipient of the service approves a particular service provider, the service provider has the obligation to fulfill the order, and the recipient of the service has the obligation to pay for the order.

9. 22 Users acknowledge, agree, and understand that TaskUs is not a party to any relationship between the service provider and the recipient of the service or to the provision of the service ordered.

9.23 TaskUs gives no guarantees as to the authenticity of any list of service providers and recipients of services on any platform or other user content and is not responsible for the quality of the orders, the work done, the quality of the work done or the terms of the order.

9.24 The service providers are solely responsible and have the sole right to decide which orders they accept.

In addition, service providers will accept that:

  • they are not employees of TaskUs and cannot claim from TaskUs any compensation, activity or rights or obligations under the Employment Contracts Act;
  • TaskUs has no responsibility to the service providers;
  • TaskUs has no control over the management of the order or the recommendation of individual service providers;
  • TaskUs does not set quality standards or deadlines for fulfilling orders;
  • TaskUs does not dictate the performance, methods or process used by the service provider to provide the service;
  • it is up to the service provider to decide when he or she wants to accept orders on the TaskUs platform, including days worked and hours;
  • the service provider’s fee depends on the price agreed or offered in the order offered by the service provider. If it becomes apparent during the ordering process that the price of the order will change, the service provider must make a price change on the TaskUs platform. The change of price must also be approved by the recipient of the service. See section 13.7 for details.
  • TaskUs does not give or guarantee the service provider the average or minimum wages;
  • TaskUs does not enable or provide the service provider with the premises or tools to complete an order;
  • service providers may not subcontract or outsource to any other service provider or natural/legal person (except for legal entity service providers who use a person working on their own contract for services, employment contract or other agency contract to perform the services)

9.25 The TaskUs platform and terms of use are not intended to prevent users from engaging in any business or providing services through any other channels.

9.26 Before the order is placed, the recipient of the service must provide the service provider with a safe working environment.

9.27 The service provider is solely responsible for the regular compliance with work safety rules when completing the order. In the event of an accident at work, users clarify the circumstances of the accident and try to resolve the damages resulting from the accident by negotiation. If the dispute cannot be settled by negotiation, the parties have the right to apply to the Harju County Court for settlement of the dispute in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

9.28 Prohibited orders include, but are not limited to, the following activities that:

  • are in conflict with legislation;
  • are contrary to good morals;
  • violate/restrict the rights and freedoms of third parties;
  • can lead to unintended, unwanted consequences for TaskUs and other users.

9.29 In the platform, it is prohibited to place orders containing, for example:

  • prostitution;
  • buying/selling of drugs;
  • incitement to violence;
  • racism;
  • posting political appeals;
  • incitement to anger.

The lists provided in clauses 9.28. and 9.29 are not exhaustive, and the respective lists may be updated at any time by TaskUs.


10. Special consumer conditions

10.1 Consumers have the right to obtain the necessary information regarding the safety as well as the health, property, and economic interests of the goods or services (the order) offered.

10.2 The consumer has the right to file a complaint with the service provider regarding the order.

10.3 The service provider must provide the consumer with the following information:

  • business name (if there is no business name, then first name and surname), location and contact number;
  • the essential characteristics of the object of the contract, the service or other performance to the extent appropriate to the object of the contract and the manner in which the information is provided;
  • the manner in which the data produced and transmitted in any digital form will be used, and the technical protection measures to be applied in so far as the contract includes digital content;
  • the total cost of the order, including taxes, or the method of calculating the price, and any additional transport, postal or other delivery costs, where these are to be borne by the consumer or information regarding the fact that the consumer may be charged for such additional costs;
  • in the event of the provision of the post-contract servicing of the object of the contract, its existence, and terms of use;
  • the reminder that the consumer has the right to rely on legal remedies provided by law in case of non-compliance of the goods or the services with the terms and conditions of the agreement;
  • the existence and terms of the additional guarantee;
  • where a right of withdrawal exists, the conditions, time limit, and procedures for exercising that right;
  • the consumer may withdraw from the contract entered into outside the business premises within 14 (fourteen) days without giving any reason;
  • if a right of withdrawal exists, the service provider must make available to the consumer the standard withdrawal form which is available here.

10.4 The service provider is obliged to provide the information listed in section 10.3 to the consumer if it is not already available to the consumer beforehand on the platform. If the service ordered by the consumer does not exceed € 20 (twenty euros), the above information shall only be provided to the consumer upon request.

10.5 The consumer shall not be entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal where the object of the order is:

  • the provision of a service or other continuous performance when the service provider’s obligations under the contract have been fully performed and provision of the order or any other performance has begun with the consumer’s express prior consent and acknowledgment that he or she will forfeit his or her right of withdrawal in performance of the contract;
  • the transfer of a thing, provision of service or other performance whose price is subject to fluctuations in the financial market which cannot be controlled by the service provider and which may occur during the withdrawal period;
  • the transfer of a thing which has been manufactured with due regard to the personal needs of the consumer;
  • the transfer of a thing manufactured under the conditions specified by the consumer;
  • the transfer of a thing which is perishable or becomes obsolete rapidly;
  • the transfer of a thing in a sealed package which is not eligible for return for health or hygiene reasons and is opened after delivery;
  • the transfer of a thing which, by its very nature, is mixed with or combined with another thing after the transfer in such a way that they can no longer be separated;
  • the transfer of alcoholic beverages, the price of which is agreed at the time of the conclusion of the contract and which is transferred more than 30 days after the conclusion of the contract and the actual value of which depends on fluctuations in the market price beyond the trader’s control;
  • carrying out urgent repairs or maintenance where the consumer has requested a visit from the service provider;

 10.6 The consumer shall be entitled to the following remedies:

  • to require the service provider to fulfill its order obligations;
  • to require the service provider to reduce the price stated in the order;
  • to give the service provider additional deadline to fulfill their obligations under the contract;
  • to claim damages from the service provider for breach of obligations under the order;
  • to cancel the order agreed on with the service provider.

10.7 Service providers are prohibited from using unfair and/or aggressive commercial practices before, during, and after a transaction involving a good or service.

10.8 The service provider may not transfer the order concluded with the consumer without the consumer’s consent to another service provider.

10.9 In the event of a dispute with a service provider, the consumer may refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Committee.


11. Fees of TaskUs and the terms and conditions of payment and settlement

11.1 Users understand and agree that when using the TaskUs platform, the 20% + VAT TaskUs service fee plus the applicable VAT in the Republic of Estonia will be added to the price offered by the service provider.

11.2 The price of the service is agreed between the recipient of the service and the service provider. Upon final confirmation of the service order, the service price shall be displayed on the platform to the recipient of the service, including the service charge of TaskUs and applicable taxes as set out in clause 11.1.

11.3 The recipient of the service has the opportunity to pay for the order as a deposit by entering the payment card details in their user data. TaskUs guarantees the service provider the payment for the services performed from the agreed deposit amount.

11.4 TaskUs uses a third party to make and mediate payments. The third party is PaySera, which is responsible for enabling making the deposit and transfer of funds, and for forwarding fees to service providers after completing the order. In addition, PaySera20 transfers money between users and TaskUs.

11.5 When using the TaskUs platform, it is also possible to for the order in cash. The recipient of the service must indicate that when entering the order. The service provider shall pay the fee referred to in clause 11.1 indicated in the invoice sent by TaskUs to TaskUs after confirmation of termination of the order. TaskUs sends an invoice when the work starts. When the service provider has made a deposit to the TaskUs account, TaskUs will deduct its service fee from the respective deposit payment received from the moment of confirming the cash order termination.

11.6 After the order has been completed, the recipient of the service and the service provider must confirm on the platform that the order has been completed. Upon receipt of the respective confirmations, TaskUs will forward the order amount to the service provider (except for the fee of TaskUs specified in clause 11.1.).

11.7 If the recipient of the service does not mark confirmation of the completion of the order on the platform, but the service provider has marked the completion of the service, TaskUs will send a reminder to the recipient of the service reminding them of the obligation to confirm the completion of the order. If the recipient does not respond within 72 hours (3 days), the order will be deemed confirmed, and TaskUs will forward the payment from the deposit to the service provider. If the recipient of the service has submitted a complaint about the order, TaskUs will hold the deposit paid by the recipient of the service until the users have settled the complaint.

11.8 In the event that the recipient refuses to mark on the platform the additional work required to fulfill the order, without which the order cannot be carried out in its original form, the service provider is not obliged to fulfill the order and TaskUs is entitled to claim compensation from the recipient in the amount set out in chapter 13.

11.9 If the recipient of the service cancels his/her order less than 24 hours before the agreed time for performance of the order, the service provider will be reimbursed 10% of the total cost of the service. TaskUs will send an invoice to the recipient upon ordering payment of compensation.

11.10 If the recipient of the service cancels the order less than 24 hours before the agreed time for performance of the order, the service provider will be reimbursed 10% of the total cost of the agreed service. TaskUs will invoice the service provider for payment of the compensation.

11.11 TaskUs shall have the right to change the amount of the service fee specified in clause 11.1 and the amount of the compensation specified in clauses 11.9 and 11.10 at any time. Changes in the service fee shall be notified to the users via the platform.

11.12 TaskUs shall not be liable for the payment of any compensation specified in clauses 11.9 and 11.10. TaskUs will forward the compensation paid if the recipient or service provider responsible for the compensation has paid the invoice paid by TaskUs.


12. Invoicing and payment of taxes


12.1 Users have the opportunity to receive an order invoice through the platform. In order to receive an invoice, users must register on the platform their email address to which the platform will send the invoice. The platform generates an invoice based on the interaction between users, including additional information that users agree on before confirmation of the order.

12.2 The invoice will be issued as soon as the order is accepted by the users. The invoice must be paid within 7 (seven) days of the date of delivery of the invoice. The invoice is deemed to have been delivered 24 hours after the invoice is sent to the user’s email address.

12.3 The user has the option of opting out of receiving automatic invoices.

12.4 The cost of the order placed with the recipient of the service shall include all applicable taxes.

12.5 The fee indicated in clause 11.1. will be added to the cost of the order.


13. Exclusion of damage, payment of compensation


 13.1 Users agree to indemnify, defend TaskUs, including but not limited to, the following damages:

  • any payment obligations or delays due to the use of the user platform;
  • compensation for damages incurred by users in receiving or publishing orders;
  • compensation for damage resulting from the wrong choice from the category of service providers;
  • any order-related requirements, such as disputes between users regarding the performance of the order, which are related to employment discrimination or harassment;
  • benefits, overtime work, sick leave, holiday pay, retirement benefits, unemployment benefits, and other benefits;
  • in the event of non-performance by the service provider and non-payment by the recipient;
  • activities of users that violate the law or applicable laws.

13.2 Compensation will be paid according to the amount of damage. If the recipient of the service or the service provider fails to fulfill the obligation arising from the order or cancels the order less than 24 hours before the agreed deadline, the respective party shall pay TaskUs a compensation of 20% + VAT of the order fee. This compensation applies to both parties if, for example, the service provider does not fulfill the order, or the recipient does not allow the work to be performed. TaskUs has the right but has no obligation to charge a corresponding fee to the person who caused the damage. TaskUs can take technical measures against the infringing party (for example, restricts the ability to place or complete orders). If the party liable to pay the compensation pays the designated fee to TaskUs, the TaskUs shall forward half of the claimed compensation to the injured party.

13.3 If the service provider has violated the general terms of use, but the service provider still wishes to offer its services on the TaskUs platform, the service provider may, with the consent of TaskUs, continue to use the platform by paying TaskUs a minimum deposit amount of EUR 100 (one hundred). The deposit will be used to pay the fees and benefits stated in the general terms of use. TaskUs has the right to change the deposit amount at any time. Changes to the deposit amount will be notified to the users via the platform.


14. Liability od TaskUs


14.1 TaskUs does not interfere with user interaction. TaskUs does not participate in the monitoring of any transaction between the user and any third-party, product, or service provider, and is not responsible unless otherwise stated in the terms of use. Without limiting the foregoing, TaskUs does not represent or warrant that the access to the platform is uninterrupted, nor does it represent or warrant the results that may be obtained by using the platform, or the timeliness, accuracy, reliability, completeness, or content of the task to be completed, a service to be provided or information of materials to be offered.

14.2 TaskUs is not responsible for the quality, timing, legality, failure to complete the service or any other aspect of the indicator provided by the users, as well as for the honesty, responsibility, acts or omission of the users. In addition, TaskUs is not responsible for any information that is transmitted between users through the platform. TaskUs is not responsible for the off-line or in-platform activities of platform users.

14.3 TaskUs makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the content provided through or linked to the platform, and assumes no responsibility for, inter alia:

  • errors or inaccuracies in the content of orders;
  • any personal or property damage resulting from the user’s access to and use of the platform;
  • unauthorized access to, or unauthorized use of, the TaskUs security servers and/or all personal and/or financial data held by them.

14.4 TaskUs makes every reasonable effort to ascertain the professional accreditation and/or certification of service providers (where required by law) by consulting publicly accessible registers. TaskUs verifies the professional accreditation and/or certification of service providers when creating an account. Users who already have an account must submit a relevant certificate to TaskUs themselves.

In the case of professional accreditation and/or certification endorsed by TaskUs, a token will be added to the user’s account in recognition of their professional training.

14.5 When dealing with service providers, the recipient of the service should exercise caution and protect their security and property in a reasonable manner.

14.6 The use of the TaskUs platform is not intended and should not be construed to create a partnership, joint venture, franchisor/franchisee, or employer-employee relationship between users and TaskUs.


15. Information contained in the platform environment and prohibited activities


15.1 The platform may include accounts, email systems, message boards, applications, job postings, chat rooms, newsgroups, forums, communities, and/or other messaging or communication capabilities that allow users to interact with other users. These community areas may only be used to send and receive messages and orders that are relevant and appropriate to the situation.

15.2 The following is prohibited while using the platform:

  • defamation, mistreatment, harassment, stalking, threats or other violation of the rights (including privacy) of others;
  • the publication, posting, uploading, sharing or dissemination of any obscene, defamatory, infringing, or unlawful subject, name, material or information;
  • use of the platform for any purpose, including posting or completing orders in violation of local or international law;
  • uploading software or other material that infringes third party intellectual property rights (or privacy or personal control rights)
  • uploading files that contain viruses or Trojans, corrupted files, or other similar software that may harm another person’s computer; promoting or providing goods or services that are irrelevant to the platform through non-platform commercial purposes;
  • conducting surveys, competitions or pyramid schemes, or the transmission of chain letters;
  • presenting oneself as another person or allow other natural or legal persons to use one’s identity to post or view comments;
  • republishing the same message (“spam”). Spamming is strictly prohibited;
  • downloading a file posted by another user if the user knows or should reasonably expect that it cannot be legally shared through the service;
  • limiting or preventing another user from using the platform environment;
  • understand or imply that the company endorses your views without the prior written consent of the company;
  • use of any robot or spider program, manual and/or automated process or device, in any form for data mining, crawling, data extraction or indexing on the platform;
  • hacking or interfering with the platform, its servers or related networks;
  • customizing, modifying, licensing, sublicensing or translating the platform for personal or business use;
  • the removal or alteration, visually or otherwise, of the copyright, trademarks, proprietary rights or rights of TaskUs;
  • uploading offensive and/or harmful content (including content that promotes, supports, endorses or promotes racism, intolerance, hatred, or physical harm towards an individual or group of individuals);
  • uploading or providing access to material that contains violent, or sexual abuse;
  • avoid paying taxes;
  • violating legal obligations and requirements, including participation in and/or assistance in money laundering and/or terrorist financing operations.

15.3 All materials posted to the platform environment are public, and TaskUs is not responsible for user actions, information or materials posted. TaskUs reserves the right to delete posts that violate public order or security and law, and to notify law enforcement authorities of such posts.


16. Intellectual property rights and license to use the TaskUs platform


16.1 All text, graphics, edited content, all data, all drawings, designs, HTML, appearance and perception, photos, music, sounds, images, software, videos, design, font and other content (“copyrighted material”) made available to users by the platform (except for user information that TaskUs is authorized to use) is the property of TaskUs.

16.2 The copyrighted material is protected in all its forms, on all data carriers and in all existing or future technological solutions. The copyrighted material is protected by applicable law.

16.3 Users may not copy, redesign, or reverse engineer source code without the explicit prior written consent of TaskUs.

16.4 TaskUs trademarks and service marks (including TaskUs logos) are owned by TaskUs. Other trademarks, service marks, logos and/or trade names published on the platform are the property of their respective owners. Neither the user nor any third party may copy or use these marks, logos or trade names without the prior written consent of the owner.

16.5 In the event of the use of copyrighted materials without proper consent, TaskUs shall have the right to seek legal redress, including any claim for damages.

16.6 TaskUs hereby grants its users a non-exclusive license to use the TaskUs platform under the terms and conditions set forth herein. A non-exclusive license does not grant the user the right to sublicense or transfer the usage rights to third parties. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, users as companies may issue sub-licenses of their own downloaded copy to their employees.


17. Settlement of disputes


17.1 In the event of a dispute between a service provider and a recipient of services in connection with the execution of an order, offer or any other matter related to the order, the parties shall first attempt to resolve the dispute by negotiation. The service provider and the recipient of the service acknowledge that TaskUs is not a party to the dispute or represent or otherwise be involved as a party to the dispute or conciliator.

17.2 If platform users fail to reach an agreement on the dispute, users will have the opportunity to involve TaskUs in resolving the dispute. TaskUs may involve experts in dispute resolution who evaluate the content of a disputed order. For example, in the case of a construction dispute, TaskUs employs an accredited construction expert to produce an expert opinion. Users agree that, if an expert is involved, the losing party is responsible for the expert’s fee.

17.3 In the event of a dispute between TaskUs and the users, the parties shall be informed in writing of the nature of the problem. The written notification shall include a brief description of the dispute and the contact details. The parties have 20 working days to reply.

17.4 In the event of a dispute between Users and TaskUs, TaskUs aims to resolve the dispute promptly and effectively in a manner that is acceptable to both parties. In the event of a dispute, the parties shall first attempt to resolve the matter by negotiation.

17.5 These Terms of Use apply to all parties who wish to use the TaskUs platform. The parties have agreed that these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia. If the parties fail to settle the dispute by negotiation, the dispute will be settled in Harju County Court.